I first met Low Keng Shin in Adelaide (Australia)

in 2003 where, for the Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing, I was working as master teacher giving private lessons, lectures, and masterclasses. Keng Shin was an intelligent, attentive participant in all sessions, often raising insightful questions. Since then he has come to Sydney each year for a period of intensive study, refreshing his knowledge of singing and teaching. I am impressed with how he keeps up with the most recent writings on voice and incorporates that knowledge into his teaching.

Keng Shin has experience in singing, mime, acting, and directing. His movement and acting teaching has long been based on the Lecoq approach, which encourages students to investigate ways of performance that work best for them individually. More recently he has been incorporating his training in Pilates into his work. His range of knowledge and skills means that Keng Shin is able to equip a wide range of students in a wide range of genres and styles to meet their performance goals, whether in acting, movement, rock singing, music theatre or opera performance.”

Dr Jean Callaghan, PhD, FTCL, LMusA

Former Head of Theatre Nepean (Acting) and Head of Postgraduate and Research Studies in Contemporary Arts, Western Sydney University

Students' Testimonials
"Keng Shin, took the time to understand my vocal needs and he tailored the lessons to help me develop my voice in the way which I wanted. His expertise in diagnosing vocal problems and introducing relevant exercises to manage those problems enabled me to made improvements in my vocal range and tonal quality. The foundation which I have developed under his tutelage has given me confidence in my singing and, in turn, the ability to coach others."
Augustine Lai


"Low Keng Shin equipped me with the unique vocal technique and confidence to establish VocalHeart which leads fellow musicians in community outreach through music."
Frances Chua

Founder, VocalHeart

"I've not only conquered my lifelong phobia of singing but also developed a newfound appreciation of what my voice is capable of. I leave each lesson, in better spirits, always. Quite simply put, Keng Shin is a gem of a teacher."

Voice-Over Talent

I am immensely grateful for Keng Shin’s guidance over the years.

His knowledge of technique and his ability to draw out the potential in his students is second to none. He is sincere in helping every student reach their full potential and has the experience and flexibility to achieve just that. I have attained the highest diploma certification in singing and I owe it to his phenomenal teaching.

Just when I think I’ve reached a high level of skill, he sets the bar higher because he knows I can reach it. We frequently discuss pedagogy (and andragogy) and I am forever amazed by how much continuous research and care he puts into his teaching methods. Even at my current level, I still look forward to having lessons with him, knowing that he always has more to teach me."

Kei Lau, Voice Teacher and Performer

FLCM LLCM ALCM in Classical Singing
LLCM ATCL in Piano Performance
AmusTCL (Associate in Music Theory, Criticism and Literature)

Students' Testimonials
“A true professional, Keng Shin used effective training methods that allowed me to gain confidence in my singing, which subsequently landed me roles such as The Cowardly Lion in the Asian premiere of The Wizard of Oz musical in Hong Kong. Thanks, Keng Shin.”
Thomas Lim

Film Director, Actor / Founder of Island Man Pictures

"Keng Shin will help you find your voice. If you think you’ve already found your voice, or never lost it to begin with, prepare to be surprised; he will lead you to rediscover it, refine it and (who knows?) even remake it."
Lu Zhengjie

National University of Singapore/Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music

"Keng Shin's passion for teaching is evident in the meticulous care he takes to customise his exercises and techniques to the needs of each student. He is also uniquely gifted in his ability to make each session fun yet challenging - he will always know just the right amount to stretch your capability-wise."
Adela Foo

President, The Song and Dance Players

I can't even begin to explain how much Keng Shin knows about Vocal Technique.

The amount of information, knowledge and experience he has is beyond than what I was looking for.

I have always believed that singing is just about the voice, but working with him made me realize that it is also about emotion, expression, movement, identity, the mind, the soul and so many others! He has truly helped me not just with my voice, but also the essential tools I need to become a better actor, performer and artist.

Samiel Santos

Actor and Performer

Students' Testimonials
"Keng Shin ... is more than a good teacher. He researches and understands the voice [to a degree that] I think few would have bothered. More than that, he is a teacher who knows his students. He is constantly able to challenge and push me forward. He is holistic; he doesn't just develop voices, he develops people."
Samantha Tsang

Speech Therapist

"刘老师是一位资深的音乐剧声乐教师。在他的指导下,我对古典音乐以及音乐剧产生了更深一层的了解。刘老师对声乐教学的热爱也是数一数二的。他把多年的学习研发出了自己的声乐技巧,"Keng-Shin Technique" 而我也在学习的过程中体会了这技巧的微妙之处。”
Louis Soon

Voice Enthusiast

"景新 (Keng Shin)对声乐教学的执着叫人尊敬。身为老师,他能因材施教。他呵护学生的嗓子有如呵护自己的嗓子,既温柔又体贴。更为重要的是,他跟学生亦师亦友。"
Wang Deliang

Veteran Actress

I appreciate Keng Shin's very keen observation of my singing strengths and deficiencies

even to the extent of identifying bodily compensative that could be unhealthy. I believe this comes from his wealth of experience interacting with students from many walks of life, and also his passion for learning and curiosity to discover what works.

Though he specialises in musical theatre, he is also familiar with classical technique, opera and contemporary singing. Above all, Keng Shin is a very passionate teacher who takes the initiative to understand his student's needs, and is also generous in providing feedback while looking out for the best in his students.

After 6 months of training under him, I have increased my vocal range, grown more confident in singing and speaking and most importantly, enjoying singing and appreciating more God's gift of voice."

Albunus Ng

Worship Leader

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