The Art of Vocal Play

We believe that everybody has a voice and that voice has a right to be heard
VocalArt is a vocal performance school that provides personalised singing and voice lessons for professional and non-professional voice-users.

VocalArt's mission is to help and guide the person find that voice and develop it to its fullest potential.


VocalArt's approach to teaching varies from student to student, and is based on careful consideration of many factors, including body type, gender, temperament, age, and even family background, etc. Generally, a more diagnostic approach is used to correct unhealthy voice habits in the initial stages. Once the main problems have been ironed out, vocal freedom and limitation will be explored.


VocalArt specialises in training the musical theater singer-actor. Musical theater students will work on the same foundational work as classical singers (head and chest voice) and later extend their work to contemporary vocal qualities such as mix, legit, belt, speech, falsetto, etc. Acting and movement fundamentals will be covered to encourage integration of singing and acting from the start.

Keng-Shin Technique is a vocal technique derived from integrating key tenets of Musical Theatre Artistry with the mastery of Vocal Efficiency Foundations.

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VocalArt specialises in training both classical singers and musical theater performers.

Musical theater performers will benefit from learning about Keng-Shin's concept of Thinking Body, Thinking Voice, as well as achieving and mastering artistry. In classical singing classes, the trainer will guide students on various tenets of the Performance Aspect, and more specifically aim to develop their sense of play.

We also provide customised vocal training for more advanced students who wish to fine-tune specific areas of their technique.

Syllabus Outline
We believe that everybody has a voice and that voice has a right to be heard.
Dedicated to excellence in vocal pedagogy


Founded in 2003 by Low Keng Shin, the aim is for students to develop a vocal technique that is uniquely theirs, and thus to own their vocal technique. The general content includes alignment, breath management, phonation, registration, resonance and articulation.

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Getting to Know His Journey

Keng Shin is a trained Vocal Pedagogue, Tenor and Mime who performs professionally as well. Keng Shin has been teaching vocal technique full-time since 1996 and has taught vocalists with ages ranging from 9 to 72 years.

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What People Say

"Keng Shin ... is more than a good teacher. He researches and understands the voice [to a degree that] I think few would have bothered. More than that, he is a teacher who knows his students. He is constantly able to challenge and push me forward. He is holistic; he doesn't just develop voices, he develops people."

Samantha Tsang Speech Therapist

"I was once a dancer who believed singing was a born gift. Keng Shin has fathered my voice which many said was hopeless. Today, singing is part of my profession. I'm now a professional entertainer."

Eden Ang Singer/Actor/Dancer

"景新 (Keng Shin)对声乐教学的执着叫人尊敬。身为老师,他能因材施教。他呵护学生的嗓子有如呵护自己的嗓子,既温柔又体贴。更为重要的是,他跟学生亦师亦友。"

Wang Deliang Veteran Actress
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